Who am I
I have been using the gamer tag Zero Bandwidth since June 22 1996 during my Quake days! Over the years I have meet some amazing gamers and I still play with them today.

Who we are

  • Beyond Basic
  • ZeroBandwidth
  • Zeros Face Destroying games since first grade. Reader Rabbit never had a chance. 10 time champion for quickest reader rabbit spelling contest of 1987.
  • Just Basic
  • TheRealStash
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    Every teammate needs a bullet sponge and boy does therealstash cover this spot. Always taking the bullets, so I can survive!
  • Murdeez
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    COD God or Hacker? People from Canada are not always nice and he never holds back. Will his KDR ever drop below 4.98?
  • Super SUS
  • BAMFBrain
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    Plays WoW, thinks he is a good Demon Hunter and causes nothing but heart ache when playing Warzone.
  • #1 Healer
  • Ishkavielle
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    Forced to be the #1 Healer in any game only because other people are horrible at it. My favorite Raid Leader!
  • MLBB Queen
  • Schatzi
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    #1 Player in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Seriously! She has the biggest backpack because of the amount of carries she has provided me!
  • The Best
  • Playerzinc
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    Watched him wipe a whole team in Call of Duty 6 times over and forced them to delete their games. A true gun gunslinger!
  • The Best
  • KittyRockBabe
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    #1 Gamer in Ireland IMHO. She always ends up carrying the team!
  • Honorable
  • Lachlanmac
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    Pretty much dominates any game out there. Having him as a team mate in any game is a guaranteed win.
  • Okay at best!
  • Brax
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    Brax is okay at best... but... I dont know what else to say about him... basic maybe?
  • The Best
  • This could be you
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    I am adding people often. Just because you are not on this list do not be upset... I will update it later.

Joining Team Requirements

Be a team player, have fun and raging is okay in small doses.
Have a PC, XBOX, PS and Mobile system ready to go. Also Discord :)
Did we say have fun? Do not be toxic!