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Additional Tips for Streaming

Find a schedule that works for you
Streaming can suck up your family, friends and personal time. Find a section of the day that best works for you.
Communication and Engagement is key
Interact with your chat, even if nobody is watching. Make sure your microphone is clear and if you have a webcam...use it!
Moderate your chat
Nobody want a toxic chat and your fan base doesn't either! Have trusted moderators in charge of keeping chat running smooth.
Pick a awesome streaming title
Using a catchy title can help attract viewers! Boost about your KDR or Rank within the title! Let your creative mind free!
Check your stream quality
Once you are live, visit your stream and make sure it look AWESOME! Sometimes you might forget to turn on your mic or webcam or the quality of picture is bad.
Define your streaming brand
You are building a community, so think about who and what you want your brand/community to be. Again have fun with it!
Setup your overlays
Spend some time on setting up your overlays to give your stream some personality! This will go a long way! There are tons of free resources out there!
Setup Extensions and Alerts
Having extensions and alerts is another great way for your viewers to interact and be entertained beyond just your wonderful personality. Spend some time viewing other streamers and see what you do and do not like. Then make changes to your stream setup!
Play with your audience!
Teaming up with your viewers is one of the most rewarding aspects of streaming (IMHO) and your viewers love it. They love it even more when they beat your 1v1... DANG viewers!!! But seriously, team up with them and set some new highscores!